From Production Through Post

Sound for picture of all types

Production Sound

Clean, high quality production sound recordings are the bedrock of a projects sound track. Ensuring the complete emotion of an actors performance translates on screen is the focus when we are recording dialog on set.


Virtual Reality requires a completely different approach to sound. Spatial sound is not just about putting objects in space, but creating an immersive world to engage the viewer.

Sound Mixing

Whether it's a movie, a podcast, or a sound track, the mix is where the magic happens. All the elements come together to bring your project to life during the final mix.

Sound Design

From subtle ambiences, to exhilarating car chases, sound design is a critical element that brings a project to life.


Voice Over is a powerful tool for communicating directly with your audience. ADR can provide freedom to a film maker. Dialog recording in post production is a critical tool in the video making process.


Great sounding SFX recordings are the tools of a sound designer. Whether it's Ambisonic ambiences, or specialized design elements, custom SFX recordings bring a unique life to every project.

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