Custom Kortwich Bag

It took some time, but now that I have it, it was worth the wait. I designed and had custom made through Pro Sound a bag for my Nomad by Kortwich. So far I think it's the nicest bag I've ever worked with.

The Nomad compartment is wide enough to perfectly fit the IFB antenna on a right angle SMA connector without putting any strain on the antenna.

On the left side is a pocket with my NP-1 cup in the bottom, and a spare NP-1 in behind it. The cable passes into the wireless compartment internally.

There are zippers on both sides that allows the bag to open up in the center providing easy access to the XLR plugs on the Nomad, and a cable opening between the sections of the bag to keep all the wiring inside and clean.

On the right side is a clip for my headphones.

In the front there is a utility pocket with pencil holders and space for general BS. Next to that is a small pocket that holds my BDS and camera hop transmitters when required. The cabling to this pocket also runs inside the bag through a cable opening in the bottom.