Line Input Cable for Sennheiser G3 Camera Hop

I've been using my Sennheiser G3 wireless as camera hops to send reference audio into camera for syncing, playback, and dailies quite often recently. They work great.
I just made myself a new line input cable for the TA3 outputs of my SD 552.

I used a single core from a multi channel Mogami snake, and housed it in a flexible plastic weave sheathing. This is the first time I've used the REAN mini XLR connectors with the water proof boot. The boot isn't too bulky, which is nice, and the assembly was very easy. You have to cut of the back if you want to fit larger diameter cables.

On the other end I used a Neutrik right angle 3.5mm plug. I thought I would try out the right angle in hopes that I would have less strain and stress problems on the connector, and I can tape the cable to the body of the transmitter as extra strain relief. In the past I've used the locking 3.5mm connectors that the G3s are designed for, but my recent ALEXA input cable for my G3s broke after two films this summer. Having the connector sticking straight up makes it prone to a lot of stress when on the side of the camera.

In addition to the line input cable, I also made a new ALEXA input cable. For this cable I used Mogami W-2893, which barely fits into the right angle 3.5mm TRS, with some modification of the strain relief chuck. A Neutrik 5pin XLR on the other side, and a velcro tie to clean up the instal on the camera.