Custom Kortwich Bag

It took some time, but now that I have it, it was worth the wait. I designed and had custom made through Pro Sound a bag for my Nomad by Kortwich. So far I think it's the nicest bag I've ever worked with.

New handle

Last night my bag got a new handle.

Line Input Cable for Sennheiser G3 Camera Hop

I've been using my Sennheiser G3 wireless as camera hops to send reference audio into camera for syncing, playback, and dailies quite often recently. They work great.
I just made myself a new line input cable for the TA3 outputs of my SD 552.

Finished work

We sometimes get so caught up in the act of doing, that even though we've finished, we are still doing. I was sitting in the bar the other night and a commercial I worked on recently came on tv. I watched the commercial without sound, then went right back to sipping my beer.
That got me thinking.
Every day I get caught up in doing the things I do. Once they are done, I involve my self on the next thing to be done. When I see completed projects air, it pulls me out of the next thing, and gives me appreciation for what it is that I'm doing every day.

New Website Design

I'm currently in the early stages of designing a new layout for my website.

It's been a long time coming, and will be a long time in the process.
Very exciting.

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